Myeong-dong, Seoul 명동, 서울

Myeong-dong, Seoul  명동, 서울

In the heart of Seoul.

This is a Myeongdong street during the week days.
There are so many shops you can name.
If you are a K-pop fan, I highly recommend you to stop by the music store beside “밀리오레” tall shopping mall. It was pretty hard to find record shops in Korea since most of people purchase music on the internet or through their phones. However, you will find a variety of recent music cds from the shop.

I was quite amazed how many foreigners were shopping there (especially Japanese). Korean clerks were talking to me in Japanese which, I thought, was a bit disappointing at the same time.

You will meet all kinds of people here and have fun.
One thing to remind you is not to step on other people’s feet cuz on the weekends, you might not be able to find your own walking space!!

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