Have you ever tried Raw Crab?

Have you ever tried Raw Crab?

Marinated raw crab which my mom made!

Usually there are two types; soy sauce marinated crab(간장게장) and red pepper paste marinated crab (양념게장).

We went to the fish market to buy fresh crab.
First, wash the crab and open them up.
Soak them in the soy sauce with garlic, ginger, sugar, rice wine, hot peppers etc..
I think you might need to boil the sauce and cool it down and then put the crab in.
You can keep it in the fridge or some in the freezer.

The texture is really slimy so you don’t need to crack the shell to eat too much. The only thing to do is suck it up! lol
Most Korean people’s favorite part is the organs from the chest shell. I used to think it was gross but now I love it too! (I feel grown up in Korean society!! hehe)

It’s so salty and delicious that it’s called “rice thief” by Koreans.!!

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