Hand Massage Toy [handmade]

Hand Massage Toy [handmade]

For Korean people, massaging is in their culture.
My mom asked me to massage her almost every time we were watching TV in the living room together. Often, I squeezed her arms and stepped on her back. That’s why I’ve become a massage expert now! lol

When I was walking by this stand (in the photo), he grabbed my attention. First, he was advertising loudly.lol Second, he seemed like a happy person.

He was joking that putting the paper in each bag, that indicates in which body parts it helps when you use them, is useful to sell them more since it attracts foreigners effectively.

Anyway I purchased them too. 🙂
It cost around 5 dollars from what I can remember.
They could be quite pointy so you can gently use them with closing motion in your hands.

2 thoughts on “Hand Massage Toy [handmade]”

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