Beondegi, 번데기 – Street Food

Beondegi, 번데기 - Street Food

It’s common street food you can get near oceans.
I was born in In-cheon, 인천, where the international airport and the west coast are.
I remember I very much enjoyed eating this food until I heard a story of my friend that she saw a butterfly wing on them.. hmm.. (omg) Ever since, I couldn’t help but not think about the wings and ended up refusing buying them.
The texture is like dense tofu and you can definitely feel that you will get some protein as you chew them through.
They are usually served in a salty water so they tend to be moist!
Hope you try this when you are in Korea and let me know if you liked them 😉

Beondegi (Korean: 번데기) are a popular snack food in Korean cuisine. Literally meaning “chrysalis” or “pupa” in Korean, Beondegi are steamed or boiled silkworm pupae which are seasoned and eaten as a snack. Beondegi are often served by street vendors, as well as in restaurants and drinking establishments. They are also sold in cans in grocery stores and convenience stores, but they must be boiled in water before serving. Beondegi is not always sold in the market and is usually sold from street vendors, although it is possible to buy the live variant for personal preparation.

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