Learn Difference Between 이제 And 지금

Learn NOW in Korean

Learn the difference between two types of NOWs

이제 Transition now

이제 is used to make a transition from past to future. In English, you can think of it as ‘so, now’ or ‘now going forward’. And another meaning of 이제 is ‘finally now’.

Here are the examples;

저는 버스 놓쳤어요. 이제 어떻게 하죠?
I missed the bus. So, now what should I do?
이제 행복하게 잘 지내세요. Now going forward be well and happy.
여태 미루던 걸 이제 시작했어요.
Finally now I’ve started what I’ve been putting off.

지금 Present now

지금 is at-the-moment now which is used without implying causes. 👌

Here are the examples;

저는 지금 블로그 포스트 보고 있어요.
I am reading a blog post now.
지금 뭐 하세요? (polite) 지금 뭐 해? (casual)
What are you doing now?

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K-POP Lyrics Posts Import


Last night, I was able to import all my blog posts from another blog platform; Blogger.com Now it looks like I have been making posts on WordPress as the timestamp of the posts also got carried over to this platform.

I kind of stopped posting about K-POP lyrics on Blogger as it was really hard for me to attract potential readers as Blogger seems just small relative to WordPress.

I actually didn’t like how my Blogger looked like as it didn’t give much flexibility as to changing layouts and categories compared to WordPress.

I cannot wait to find out if WordPress audience will like my K-POP posts. The posts are to show how Korean is translated into English.

I used to include vocabulary that was used in lyrics, but please let me know in the comment section if you want me to continue making posts for K-POP music translation.

Happy Sunday!


Resuming my blog


I’ve been caught up with all different social medias to engage with people who are interested in Korean culture, but I completely forgot that I had this word press which was created 5 years ago!

Looking at my posts, I am so fascinated to find out what I was thinking and how I was developing and sharing the ideas through this blog.

I am excited to resume the blog and to share my knowledge to people who want to learn Korean language and culture!

Official website: https://kstyleyo.com

Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/kstyleyo

Instagram: https://instagram.com/kstyleyo

Stay tuned 🙂

The Buddha’s Birthday (May.6th.2014) @ Boguangsa















In Korea, the Buddha’s Birthday is called “Seokga tansinil” (meaning “the day that Buddha came”).

Some people buy lanterns to wish their luck and, depending on where you choose to put it up, the price varies. (10,000 won and up).

I also noticed people wrote wishes on the plates of stone for family peace and university entrance exam.


Messages for Se-ueol ship in South Korea


[세월호 참사] 애들아 살아서 만나자!  You will survive and meet us!

In Il-san, Kyeonggi province, there were many wishing messages that people left for those who still need to be rescued from the ship in S.Korea.

11 DAYS..
rescued –179
missing – 115
died – 187