How To Read And Write Date In Korean

Date In Korean

Learning numbers in Korean itself can be overwhelming.
Once you master numbers, you think you can easily figure out how to say Date in Korean.

But, if you don’t know the rules provided in this post, you still may be in a confusing state. If you are encountering the situation, I will help you learn how to use Date. You are in the right place. 😉

First, let’s learn to say the words.

Year: 년 [nyeon]
Month: 월 [weor]
Day: 일 [ir]

Year, Month, Date in Korean

You must know these three rules below when you say date in Korean.

Rule 1. Korean date ALWAYS starts with Year.

In fact, the order in Date in Korean doesn’t change. It’s always Year (년) – Month (월) – Day (일).

Therefore, it’s always easy to recognize which is for what.

However, in English, it usually seems to start with month, but sometimes also start with date or year. As someone who lives in Canada, this has confused me. I first thought it was because I was an immigrant here. Later on, I realized it was not just me who was confused about it as I witnessed other born and raised Canadian also had the same problems. XD

Maybe that’s whyRule 3 is created to solve the issue.

Rule 2. Read it in Chinese (Sino) system

Number Systems In Korean

First of all, did you know there are two different number systems in Korean language?

Chinese (Sino) system and Korean system

I won’t explain details about the two systems as that’s going to be a topic for a separate post. I’d like to mention here you would need to use the Chinese (Sino) number system with Date.

Korean number system goes up to 100 (Korean people don’t really use 100 온 in a daily life). Any figure that can have over 100 ends up used with the Chinese system. In the date case, you use the Chinese number system for all 년, 월, 일.

Rule 3. Korean month 월 is always associated with numbers

Korean month is always associated with numbers which means there are no words to describe specific month like English. For example, number 4 has a representative word which is April.

As I mentioned in Rule 1, maybe someone had to invent the words to clear the confusion as the order of date in English can be versatile. But, of course, this is just my total assumption.

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