Korean Dumplings, 만두 [Mandu]

Korean Dumplings, 만두 [Mandu]

There are many types of dumplings and a variety of methods to cook them too.

We cook them by steaming, frying or boiling.
My favorite ones are steamed ones cuz they are soft and easier to digest. Sometimes I don’t mind chewing the crunchy fried dumplings as well! just be careful not to get burned though lol

The popular types of dumplings are meat and Kimchi Mandu. I really like the meat ones. Often they use pork meat but I much prefer beef.

Generally they are stuffed with meat, tofu, green onions, garlic, transparent noodles..

I’ve bought a pan of 만두 (about 8-10 small dumplings) for 1 dollar!! However, the price varies depending on where and when.
It’s definitely less than 5 dollars.