Korean nostalgic side dish; Spam!!



I can’t even remember when I had these bad boys last time but particularly today, I couldn’t resist them at the grocery store.

These bring me a lot of memories of sharing food with family and many other friends back in Korea.

These are pretty bad but SO~ GOOD (especially with steamed rice) ! ♥.♥

Korean Food from T.O

It’s a Korean restaurant called 까치 ggachi on Bloor W (Korea town).

I had spicy Korean beef dish and my husband got the usual dish he orders, 감자탕 ; pork bone stew.

The food was great and the service was fast and nice. I liked the clean and unique interior.

I’d totally go back to this place!! 😀





DSC04295 DSC04296

It’s my favorite pizza chain in the world. It’s pretty thin crust and the crust is generally filled with something like sweet potatoes and cheese. You will never imagine how tasty the crust can be or that it could even become your favorite part of eating pizza. I like the idea that they put a lot of different nutritious toppings on them.
They are many types of pizza so the toppings vary a lot. The pizza in the photo is called “Golden seafood pizza” and it’s got shrimp with plenty of veggies, plus sweet potato filled crust! hahah!
People usually visit stores and sit down to eat and there is a unlimited salad bar which you can enjoy along with pizza or as an appetizer. Just be careful not to eat too much of it and make yourself too full to enjoy the pizza with the full enthusiasm!
I wish I had the chains in Canada as well. Should I be the first one who opens it? 😉

[WIKI source]

The CEO of Mr. Pizza is Jung Woo-Hyun (정우현).[1] The president is Lee Ju-bok (이주복). As of 2010, the company had franchised 350 stores in Korea, two in the United States, one in Vietnam, and 15 in China.

South Korean
pizza chain established in 1990. It is based in Banpo-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul. After establishing a franchise in Ewha Women’s University, Mr. Pizza opened a store in Beijing, China in 2000 and has two stores in the Los Angeles Area in Koreatown and recently opened a store in Little Tokyo. The Mr. Pizza logo, a slanted, stylized ‘Pizza & Hand’, is symbolic of two people (the company and customer) shaking hands.

Have you ever tried Raw Crab?

Have you ever tried Raw Crab?

Marinated raw crab which my mom made!

Usually there are two types; soy sauce marinated crab(간장게장) and red pepper paste marinated crab (양념게장).

We went to the fish market to buy fresh crab.
First, wash the crab and open them up.
Soak them in the soy sauce with garlic, ginger, sugar, rice wine, hot peppers etc..
I think you might need to boil the sauce and cool it down and then put the crab in.
You can keep it in the fridge or some in the freezer.

The texture is really slimy so you don’t need to crack the shell to eat too much. The only thing to do is suck it up! lol
Most Korean people’s favorite part is the organs from the chest shell. I used to think it was gross but now I love it too! (I feel grown up in Korean society!! hehe)

It’s so salty and delicious that it’s called “rice thief” by Koreans.!!

Korean Dumplings, 만두 [Mandu]

Korean Dumplings, 만두 [Mandu]

There are many types of dumplings and a variety of methods to cook them too.

We cook them by steaming, frying or boiling.
My favorite ones are steamed ones cuz they are soft and easier to digest. Sometimes I don’t mind chewing the crunchy fried dumplings as well! just be careful not to get burned though lol

The popular types of dumplings are meat and Kimchi Mandu. I really like the meat ones. Often they use pork meat but I much prefer beef.

Generally they are stuffed with meat, tofu, green onions, garlic, transparent noodles..

I’ve bought a pan of 만두 (about 8-10 small dumplings) for 1 dollar!! However, the price varies depending on where and when.
It’s definitely less than 5 dollars.