Learn Difference Between 이제 And 지금

Learn NOW in Korean

Learn the difference between two types of NOWs

이제 Transition now

이제 is used to make a transition from past to future. In English, you can think of it as ‘so, now’ or ‘now going forward’. And another meaning of 이제 is ‘finally now’.

Here are the examples;

저는 버스 놓쳤어요. 이제 어떻게 하죠?
I missed the bus. So, now what should I do?
이제 행복하게 잘 지내세요. Now going forward be well and happy.
여태 미루던 걸 이제 시작했어요.
Finally now I’ve started what I’ve been putting off.

지금 Present now

지금 is at-the-moment now which is used without implying causes. 👌

Here are the examples;

저는 지금 블로그 포스트 보고 있어요.
I am reading a blog post now.
지금 뭐 하세요? (polite) 지금 뭐 해? (casual)
What are you doing now?

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