Deog-su Palace (덕수궁)



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This is the entrance of Deogsu, 덕수궁.
There is a palace inside which was built during Joseon Dynasty (July 1392 – October 1897), including the national museum of art and forest garden. You will see the beautiful details of the buildings.

When I walked by, there was an event at the entrance. People, who were dressed up like the palace door men, marched briefly altogether and when they stopped, tourists took photos with them. 🙂

– Open: 9am-9pm (enter until 8pm)
– Price: adults 1000 won (800 won for a group of more than 10 people)
pass’ price varies from 10,000 won to 100,000 won.
– Tel: 02-771-9951

덕수궁 Official Website:

Hand Massage Toy [handmade]

Hand Massage Toy [handmade]

For Korean people, massaging is in their culture.
My mom asked me to massage her almost every time we were watching TV in the living room together. Often, I squeezed her arms and stepped on her back. That’s why I’ve become a massage expert now! lol

When I was walking by this stand (in the photo), he grabbed my attention. First, he was advertising Second, he seemed like a happy person.

He was joking that putting the paper in each bag, that indicates in which body parts it helps when you use them, is useful to sell them more since it attracts foreigners effectively.

Anyway I purchased them too. 🙂
It cost around 5 dollars from what I can remember.
They could be quite pointy so you can gently use them with closing motion in your hands.

How Easy It Is To Access Alcohol!

How Easy It Is To Access Alcohol!

It’s pretty common to see alcohol almost everywhere in Korea. You can easily get Soju(소주) or beer at convenient stores and even on streets!

I had never seen alcohol sold on the road until my last trip to Korea in Sept.2012.
I was in Insadong in Seoul where a lot of tourists go to shop for souvenirs.
Of course, people from other countries thought it was interesting to try it on the street. hehe

I’ll put up more photos about this place, Insadong, since, I find, it’s a must-go place in Seoul to get the most Korean-like souvenir for your family and friends. 🙂

Stone Stacking in Il-san

Stone Stacking in Il-san

You can pass by stone stacks usually near temples in mountains.

The photo was at the lake park in Il-san, 일산.
There are paths for walking and biking all around the lake with beautiful scenery.

I was walking with my mom and found the stone stacks and chose a small to medium sized stone (because it’s lighter to make stacking easier).
After that, you send your wish. (never supposed to say out loud lol)

It’s fascinating to see all the stones stacked with different wishes from different people over time and it makes a big mountain of stones. I am also wondering how it starts on the ground if you are the first one who does that. Would people realize it’s for stone stacking or just a random stone on the street? hehe