Salty Food Culture

Salty Food Culture

I’ve found that Korean people generally eat saltier food compared to other nations.
The culture seems to come from having a meal as rice with many other side dishes.
Generally side dishes are made salty (seasoned) enough so that it gives more flavour in your mouth when you bite rice.

This may lead to health concerns involving blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

It’s hard to change the old culture but since we are becoming more individualized due to western influence, it’s possible that we will be able to have our own separate bowls allowing us to add our own desired amount of salt instead of sharing with others at the dining table.

한국인의 하루 나트륨 섭취량은 4831㎎(2011년 기준)이다. 세계보건기구(WHO)가 제시한 권고량 2000㎎의 2배를 훨씬 넘는다.
Korean average day consumption of sodium is 4831mg (in 2011). This is 2 times far more than 2000 mg, recommended by WHO.