The Buddha’s Birthday (May.6th.2014) @ Boguangsa















In Korea, the Buddha’s Birthday is called “Seokga tansinil” (meaning “the day that Buddha came”).

Some people buy lanterns to wish their luck and, depending on where you choose to put it up, the price varies. (10,000 won and up).

I also noticed people wrote wishes on the plates of stone for family peace and university entrance exam.


Messages for Se-ueol ship in South Korea


[세월호 참사] 애들아 살아서 만나자!  You will survive and meet us!

In Il-san, Kyeonggi province, there were many wishing messages that people left for those who still need to be rescued from the ship in S.Korea.

11 DAYS..
rescued –179
missing – 115
died – 187